Upcoming Public Events

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016 Family Day (OBOA)
12:00am - 12:11pm
Family Day is observed to celebrate "the value of OBOA families and OBOA family life with OBOA members, others and their communities." and was first held in Ontario, on June 8th 2014. So what do OBOA people do, what do you do, if you have the opportunity to join OBOA on Family Day? There are no 'rules' here: OBOA family outings, dinners, sports events, or other activities always draw a cheerful crowd. OBOA Community Culture and special venues such as sporting events or educational playtime often offer something special for OBOA families and alike, whether a planned event, or reduced admission prices. Because OBOA Family Day demonstrates the value and unity of OBOA Members. Many members are fond of their OBOA history and take the opportunity to get out, or get away, there's no shortage of excursions and special deals that go with them.