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10:00am Monday, September 30th

Petun I - IV PA
Plasticity Labs
Jim Moss
Plasticity Labs Key Note Speaker "The Changing Ways of Work"
takes you on a journey into why and how leaders should start thinking about alternative ways of doing business.
With insightful and practical takeaways, case studies and the most current scientific research, Jim's presentation will demonstrate the business benefits of a positive corporate culture, investing in employee well-being, and its impact on revenue, customer service and better outcomes for organizations.
This session will also address how to prepare employees for change, and managing ongoing change using character skills such as hope, optimism, and growth mindset.
This is an essential resource for leaders who want to attract new talent, improve their brand and boost profitability - but in an authentic way - in a way that is life-enhancing for their people.
Mr. Jim Moss
Mon, Sep 30th, 2019 at 10:00am
CEO, Plasticity Labs