Who We Are

We are the Building Officials in Ontario, and we administer the Ontario Building Code.   We work for Ontario’s 444 municipalities and operate under many names, such as: Chief Building Officials, building inspectors, plans examiners, plumbing inspectors, mechanical specialists, structural specialists, on-site sewage specialists, etc.   We belong to many industry and professional organizations, such as: Ontario Plumbing Inspectors Association (OPIA), Ontario Building Officials Association (OBOA), and the Large Municipalities Chief Building Officials group (LMCBO).   We organize ourselves geographically as well, such as: Niagara Region Chief Building Officials, Waterloo Region Chief Building Officials (WRCBOC), Chief Building Officials of Durham (CBOD), and over twenty OBOA Chapters across the province.  We carry out a lot of technical dialogue and research through five building code advisory committees – originally Toronto-based as part of the Toronto Area Chief Building Officials (TACBOC) and now with a province-wide mandate and membership.  The committees focus on code interpretation (CIAC), plumbing (PAC), mechanical services (MSAC), structural (SAC), and building inspections (BIAC).   We also offer extensive Building Code training through the OBOA.

This website – Build Right©- is intended to be a central resource of Building Code Information.  This consolidation is led by a consortium of three building regulatory organizations – OBOA and LMCBO.   This website offers technical information, tools, and interpretations for all practitioners working in the sector, such as designers, builders, system suppliers, materials suppliers, professional services, and any others who have a general interest – researchers, the public, and students and those pursuing careers in building regulation.   The site is organized to reflect and embrace all of these purposes and users.

Since most of the content is building regulatory in nature, the site does not purport to reflect the broad spectrum of related real property topics, such as: real estate and real estate law, ownership and tenancy, planning, zoning, ICI construction, etc.

See below for directories of the members of many of the groups within the building regulatory community, referred to in the opening paragraph above.