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3:30pm Monday, September 30th

Silver Creek I - II C.6
Sanitary Sewers and Water Infiltration
Barbara A. Robinson P.Eng.
Sanitary Sewers and Water Infiltration as it relates to Building Code Regulations and Engineering Standards. Norton Engineering proposes to update OBOA members on the latest research into the Ontario Building Code and NPCC as they relate to issues contributing to clean water entering sanitary and storm sewers. To date, Norton has obtained data from 65 subdivisions in Ontario, 64 of which show unacceptable levels of clean water (I/I) as defined by the sum of allowable leakage in new construction on both the public and private sides.
Norton is developing a Best Practices in Public and Private Sides in Ontario which can be implemented immediately and cost-effectively by interested municipalities. Norton will present detailed research into pipe type on the private side.
Practical Code Change Requests, which will be developed with input from all stakeholders (including OBOA members) will be presented for discussion. Further advances on this work (which has now been funded nationally) to fall 2019, will be presented.
Ms. Barbara A. Robinson
Mon, Sep 30th, 2019 at 3:30pm
President, Norton Engineering Inc., Norton Engineering Inc.