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08:30am Wednesday, October 2nd

Silver Creek I - II C.18
Structural Wood Construction - Truss Bracing Essentials for Building Officials
Mike Philips, OSWA, Ontario Structural Wood Association / Brent Bunting, Simpson Strong-Tie

Truss Bracing Essentials for Building Officials is a presentation of the Ontario Structural Wood Association (OSWA). OSWA is participating in the 2019 AMTS with our first annual OSWA Wood Zone. It is our wish to present a series of technical presentations on structural wood topics at future AMTS and in your quarterly OBOA Journal.

The topic of truss bracing remains one of the most discussed issues between our industry and building officials across Ontario. The presentation will include both temporary and then all aspects of permanent bracing of trusses; when, where and why it is required. And finally, further sources of information if questions still remain. Our presenter, Brent Bunting, is our go-to technical expert who will be able to answer your toughest questions on this topic.

Mr. Brent Bunting
Wed, Oct 2nd, 2019 at 8:30am
Senior Branch Engineer, Simpson Strong-Tie Canada, Ltd.
Mr. Mike Philips
Wed, Oct 2nd, 2019 at 8:30am
Executive Director, OSWA