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3:30pm Wednesday, October 2nd

Georgian III - IV B.26
Performance Testing of Building Envelopes
Haya Soghrati
Evaluating the Laboratory and Field Performance of Building Envelope Assemblies of Large Buildings - Performance testing of building envelope assemblies is one of the best strategies to drive achievement of design requirements regarding air and water tightness, structural integrity (including loading from extreme events such as hurricanes and tornados), thermal and acoustical transmittance, and response to seismic events. Individual product testing is commonly undertaken to establish general market acceptance, while project-specific pre-construction mock-up and field testing are valuable elements of a quality control program to minimize risks for new building projects. This presentation will review the types of tests that can be undertaken, the testing process and the value of the output test results.
Ms. Haya Soghrati
Wed, Oct 2nd, 2019 at 3:30pm
Engineering Leader, UL Building Envelope testing services