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10:30am Wednesday, September 27th

Theater Junior Ballroom B B
Radon Control Options for New and Existing Buildings
Radon gas is the leading cause of lung cancer for people who live in non-smoking households. Homes with high radon levels are found all across Canada, even in regions where radon is typically low. Over the past couple of decades, multiple measures to reduce radon levels have been developed with some already being adopted into the various building codes across Canada. This provides builders several radon control options during construction to protect buildings from radon gas infiltration from the ground. The Canadian-National Radon Proficiency Program along with Health Canada will present an overview of these radon control options, available for both new and existing buildings. Specifics on each control option and its components will be presented along with how they may be identified. A specific emphasis will be placed on best practices to avoid the potential future failure of a radon control system following construction. Current radon standards and the building code will be compared in light of recent results from research on radon levels across Canada. This session aims to raise discussion among industry professionals and provide an opportunity to answer questions on the hazards and mitigation of radon gas.